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EasyAccess 2.0

An easy way to securely and remotely access your HMI & PLC

When accessing to internal networks from insecure external locations, security becomes a major consideration. Weintek EasyAccess 2.0 uses SSL encryption to provide login session and data confidentiality when transmitting data. Therefore, EasyAccess 2.0 can ensure security and reliability when transmitting data and information.

Server/Client HMI architecture

High flexibility and great work efficiency improvement.

Quick Feature Comparison


 of cMT-Series for your work!

  • Support multiple platforms
  • Wireless access
  • Modbus communication gateway
    OPC UA (optaioal)
  • Remote access




Remote access

Modbus communication gateway
OPC UA (optaioal)

Support multiple platforms

Industrial Grade Touchscreen with Built-in cMT Viewer

cMT-iV6 is a touch panel with built-in cMT Viewer, which allows it to connect with multiple cMT-SVR or cMT Series HMIs for monitoring.

The cMT-SVR provides the most essential capabilities:
communication driver support and data process

The server device, cMT-SVR performs the same task as conventional HMI does. It connects with the PLC, Inverter, Motion controller, and many more controllers to perform protocol conversion, event logging, recipe database maintenance, macro commands execution, and many more.


cMT Viewer APP provides the most user-friendly interface. You can quickly change the controlling window then monitor the operational status of different machines. Furthermore, cMT Viewer APP is highly integrated into cMT-iV6 touch panel and Tablet PC, so it is extremely easy to use just like using your smart phone.


cMT Viewer APP is perfectly compatible with PC(Window),
cMT-iV6, Tablet, and Android

Large sizes of HMI (12″ / 15″) with aluminum enclosure

9.7″ high-resolution HMI with plastic enclosure

Product Specification

Ultra-slim form factor and new color design

PCB corrosion prevention and built-in isolated RS-485.

Product Specification

iP series is upgraded in every aspect.

Product Specification

HDMI output allows displaying
projects on any sizes of TV / LCD
monitors with HDMI interface

Product Specification

Easy Installation in Embedded Application

Flush with the cabinet with dust-proof and waterproof.

Product Specification

Human Machine Interface 10″ TFT LCD

Optimal for harsh environments
with aluminum enclosure

(*eMT3105P excluded)

Product Specification