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K.P.T. Machinery (1993) Co., Ltd. is the dealer of the industrial goods Mechanical equipments: Vibrators, Motor Gear etc. Weighing Scale products: Load-Cell, Indicator etc. Automation products: Touch screen, PLC, Encoder, Counter, m Inverter, Proximity Sensor, Cam Switch etc. Electrical products: Motor Start, Pushbuttons Switches Pilot Light, Terminal Block, Box Terminal, Cable, Enclosure etc Energy products: LED Drive, Switching Power Supply, Power Inverter, LED Lighting, With all the experiences and our knowledgeable team of engineers that we have, we are ready to provide the best consultation and the best quality of products that have been developed by our own Research & Development team.

We are able to give our best of service with our effective sales teams that ready to serve our customers in many ways whether it is a giving instruction, providing products information or delivering after sales services. Therefore, customers have relied on K.P.T. Group and its products and services for more than 25 years. We are a leader in what we do today because we have sustained our customer’ trust both locally and internationally and exceeded their expectations through out our history.



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Marketing Activity

How good would it be if you could sell your products together with KPT?

– Products sales increase

Your products sales increase immediately upon you cooperate with us. We have a lot of customers who are ready to purchase.

 – Customers and dealers all over the country

We have customers from various businesses, particularly industries. With our dealers, they will help deliver your products to customers thoroughly.

 – Promoting products through advertising media

With our long-standing experience in marketing both online and offline such as Exhibition, Workshop, Seminar, Training and Online Advertising, which will support customers to get to know more about your products.

 – Service is the most important  

We have both engineering and service teams to support before and after sales. For answering questions about the products through our various channels to create a good reputation to your products.

 – Industrial products online ordering system

Via Web Ordering System (WOS) which is an online ordering system for our customers. In order to facilitate customers in product stock checking and place an order through our system, customers can easily get to know more about your products.

Web Ordering System (WOS) Platform

KPT has developed a Web Ordering System (WOS) to meet the needs of our valued customers. Which will make ordering a product of the industry a simple matter

KPT Web Ordering System Platform (WOS)







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