Watanabe developed WPMZ series as multi-display digital panel meter matched to the production site, and focused on the basic performance such as [1. Easy to read] [2. Easy to use]. WPMZ is a product that can cover various requirements, such as process monitoring, quality judgement etc. at the production site for various applications and environment.

■ Video Library

■ Features of WPMZ series


1. Focused on Easy to read


High-brightness and sharp display
to read small letters


2.4 inch high brightness TFT full-color LCD.
WPMZ has 5 level brightness setting to adjust according to the indoor / outdoor lighting of site.Also 4 high visibility background color can be set in case of alarm output is ON.


■ 5 levels brightness setting

Five levels of brightness can be adjusted, and visibility is good & bright even outdoors

90° Display rotation is effective to
use narrow places of board

There is a function to rotate display 90°.
Also able to change key assignment of cross keys.

■ Background color changes when alarm output
Alarm display color can be selected from 3 colors of Red, Green and Yellow according to the ambient lighting environment
Easy to read by large-size & high-brightness color LCD display. (left) <br> Able to change the display direction to vertical.(right)

2.Focused on Easy to use

Numerical display and graph display
selectable according to the
measurement purpose

[Value display], [Bar graph display] and [Trend graph display] can be selected.
WPMZ has many useful functions such as Self-diagnostics function, 1~3 factors display function, which matches to the use of production site.

Simple settings by Cross-key

10 Arithmetic expression for 2 input

Measurement value or calculation result can display 1 to 3 elements in one display.
You can select 10 kinds of arithmetic expression for Ach & Bch calculation.
Arithmetic expression can be easily set by cross-keys.
2ch display saves install space.

Arithmetic expression for 2 input calculation

Shows ratio by Bar graph/Shows trend by Trend graph/Self-diagnostics function to prevent connection trouble/English Menu



1 factor display/2 factor display/3 factor display

■ Features of products

Covers individual requirements products

The WPMZ series product lineups according to the measuring signal, installation requirements, customer’s machine and equipment.
WPMZ is compatible with applications in various industries due to high performance as a multi-display digital panel meter and various functions.
WPMZ can use as [DC voltmeter], [DC ammeter], [Strain gauge meter], [Tachometer], [Flow meter] etc. and useful & high performance at sites as process measurement.

Features of 4 products

  • Strain Gauge input
  • Wave compare, Multi hold function
  • High-speed sampling rate
    (1ch : 4000 times/sec, 2ch : 2000 times/sec)

[WPMZ-3] is for measuring strain gauge, and it has wave compare and multi hold function.
It is suitable for Process control, Quality control and traceability etc. at the manufacturing site where mass production is carried out with constant cycle.

■ Strain Gauge Measurement

  • Wave compare mode

    Alarm output and waveform log function by comparing measurement waveform and comparison waveform.

  • Multi hold mode

    Outputs each compare result for each hold value of each section and the comparison judgement setting value.

  • Judgement waveform creation
    Function to create judgement waveform necessary for comparison
  • Alarm output
    Output alarm as ‘NG’ judgement if there is more than 1 measured point which is out of judgement waveform

Display Example:Displays the hold value in each section with the current measurement value. Icons will appear according to the hold detail section switching method.

■ Product lineup